New Chapters

It’s official. My old blog’s domain just expired and the site has been deleted. While my first attempt at a blog was pretty fun, diving into the blogosphere without any knowledge of the field was pretty daunting. But through the challenges and goals I set up for myself on that site, I’ve made considerable progress. A year later, I’m about to get married, move 500 miles away, and start an MFA program to further my writing career.

As a way to close my anonymous blog life and christen my writing profession, I created this author’s website. But don’t worry, not much has changed. I’m still hopeful and working hard on my life’s goals. Watch out for more of my life’s antics!

Hopefully yours,

Jessie Salazar




Top Ramen Budget

Because obviously in addition to the wedding, MFA tuition, and moving, Paramore had to announce Parahoy 3 and a new tour. Following my dreams and passions, but I’m going to be broke for the next year and a half.  Seriously, seriously broke.